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Thinking of new puzzle ideas...


BitSummit was very exciting! There were many interesting games. People seemed to have a lot of fun playing our game. Also I was glad that some people told me that they had played and enjoyed Jelly no Puzzle before. Thank you for all who came to see our game!

>Congratulations to you and Jelly Crew with the Android version of Jelly no Puzzle!

Thank you for writing the article about Jelly no Puzzle at that time (if you are that editor)!


We are exhibiting Jelly no Puzzle in the indie game event BitSummit. (The first day has been done! There were many interesting games. I was very excited.) The event is taking place at Miyakomesse in Kyoto. It will be open for the public on 8th (tomorrow) and 9th (the day after tomorrow) with the entrance fee 500 yen. The details can be found on Kyoto's event introduction page.


Mass-production jelly. Getting used to drawing them. About 30 minutes for one jelly.

>Thanks for the response! I'm glad at least an iOS port is being thought about. The iOS gaming community is far bigger and the app store for games is more popular than google play. You might find more success if you do decide to port to iOS.

We will discuss this possibility again in good time. Thank you!


Preparing new levels.

Started Twitter. But I'm not sure if I can keep using it. (Username: @qrostar)

>Are there any plans to port this to iOS now that the Android version is complete?

I'm glad that there are people who expect an iOS port of Jelly no Puzzle. But we still don't have specific plans for that. Our top priority is to make the Android version succeed. The download number of the Android version is still not as high as we expected.

We still have plans for several updates and additional levels for the Android version. At this time, we just need to put more effort on the Android one.


We are attending an indie game event, BitSummit! As a joint team of Qrostar and Jelly Crew.

The event will take place at Miyakomesse in Kyoto, and will be open for the public on March 8th and 9th. Over 100 development teams will be showing their games at their display booths. The details can be found on the official website and the introduction page provided by Kyoto, though the information for the public may not be a lot yet.

We will display the Android version of Jelly no Puzzle there. Though we will attend the event as the joint team, I (Tatsunami) am the only one in the team who is coming to the event. Some friends will help me with managing our booth.

Many famous and key persons in the Japanese indie game scene are coming to the event. There will be a lot to see! I'm very excited also as one of the indie game fans!


It may be interesting that similar levels have different solutions. I'm making several such pairs. For example the following two.

Of course, neither can be solved in an intuitive way.


I was busy recently, but now I'm (almost) free!
Sorry for not responding to the comments for a while.

>I like your game very much (I am on level 17). It is brilliant.
>Do you have it on android by any chance?

Thank you for playing the game. The Android version is now available!

>Thanks for making this amazing game. I am certainly buying it on android when you finish to support you. I hope the game is a great success so you can hire someone to put it into playstation mobile. I also hope you earn enough to be able to make more games.

Thank you! I hope it will succeed. Otherwise I'll feel guilty towards those who worked on the porting with me.

... Since my previous pc broke down, I first need to start with setting up the environment.


The Android version of Jelly no Puzzle has been released. Enjoy!

After the release of the original version, it has been played by much more people than I expected, and was finally made into such a wonderful thing! I'm so glad.

This Android version was developed by a team in Sweden, Jelly Crew. Several new levels and features were added to the game. The first 10 levels can be played for free and all the remaining levels are available as a single Google Play in-app purchase.

What I mainly did is make new levels. I put a lot of efforts into them, like I did for the original game, so it should give you a certain enjoyment.

Some levels need a bit more test and so not all the levels have been included in the game yet. They will be added along with updates of other parts of the game.

Here you can download the game:

[ The Android version of Jelly no Puzzle (the app page on Google Play) ]

Here is the website of the dev team:

[ The website of Jelly Crew ]

I hope you'll have fun playing it! Woohoo!


>I played Jelly no Puzzle and liked it enough to show my mother and father. Now my mother is bugging me to find her more games like it now that they beat it! So if you have suggestions for other good puzzle games...

These are ones I recently played and found very simple but very challenging and fun to play.

- Frost
- Puzzles

>Just finished jelly no puzzle, it's the best puzzler I have ever played, by far.
>You did a great job on gameplay, as well as keeping the graphics simple but appealing. I encourage you to develop more games, maybe port them to mobile phones, you could become really popular!
>I wish you the best and good luck with all your future projects!

>I loved Jelly no Puzzle, are you working on anything new?

Thank you for playing! I'm working on an Android port.

>Have you thought about porting Jelly no Puzzle and Hana no Puzzle to PlayStation Mobile? It is free to release games on there now and I would love to play these on Vita!

That's very interesting, but I don't have time and knowledge to do that.


This is a little while ago, but a character in Jelly no Puzzle was included in the Special Edition box art of Indie Game: The Movie.

>I just started playing Jelly no puzzle and I'm having a lot of fun. Every other level I think that this must be impossible. But I know that I thought that many times before, so I must be overlooking something, haha.
>Making the levels must be way harder than solving them, I'm so impressed! The music and graphics are also very cute.
>Like many others said before, I think this game could be played on a smartphone much better than on pc.

Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying the game! An Android version will be released soon.

>This is a great game, my 3 year old son really love playing it. He likes moving around the jellies, and actually solved the first puzzle. Great and HARD puzzles.

Thank you for playing the game. Your son will become a super genius puzzlesolver.


Sorry for the long time no update. I will write replies to the comments in order. And sorry I may not be able to write an immediate response to your new comment for the time being.

>I am so impressed with Jelly no Puzzle. You've made a great game! As I'm a curious developer, I opened your data folder just to take a look around at your resources. I was totally surprised when I opened up j0.png. The layout of the sprite-sheet implies that to draw a single pink block, you have to do a fair amount of image manipulation. I've never seen a sprite sheet like this and I'm curious if you could speak about how you dynamically cut this up for use in the game. Thanks!

That jelly animations are just done by a kind of a simple physical simulation. I will skip the details, but each jelly block consists of a number of particles connected with each others with springs and dashpots. Their physical actions are simulated and those jelly images are drawn as polygons using the positions of the particles.

>Just finished 40, hell yeah!
>I must say I really enjoyed the moments where it made "click" and you get rewarded with success. Since you seem not to accept donations, I will do my best and tell friends about this game! :)
>Keep up the great work!

Thank you for playing the game to the end! Telling your friends about the game is very thankful.

Developing an Android version. Planning to add more levels. Details at another time!


>You are a God. You have created the best game in the entire world.

One of my dreams has come true?!:D But seriously, it's still very far from the best.


I put some music which I made before, on Other Stuff page.

>It's been a couple of months since I finished Jelly no puzzle and I wanted to say It's one of the best puzzle game I've ever played. Thank you for that.

Thank you, too!!

>Hello! I really enjoyed Jelly no Puzzle, thank you for making it, and thank you for making it so hard! Are you working on another puzzle game? I would love to see what you would come up with.

Thank you for playing the game! I haven't really started yet but I have some ideas. Maybe for the next game, I'd like to keep the details secret until just before the beta release.


>>It says "There are colorful jellies below.",
>>but I can't see such things anywhere on the screen.
>About this problem, Jellies are displayed if I set the hardware acceleration to full, which you can find by going to "Display Properties" -> "Advanced" -> "Troubleshooting". Jellies are not displayed if I set it to be "Disable all DirectDraw and Direct3D accelerations, as well as all cursor and advanced accelerations" or lower.
(I translated from Japanese into English.)

That's good to hear! Thank you for such helpful information. I'll try to look for the cause starting from this information. For now, if you have the problem with jellies not appearing, please try the above way. (How to change the setting might be different depending on OS and the video card though.)


I put the Jelly no Puzzle OST.

>Hi, I'm one of your fans! I was completely impressed with Jelly no Puzzle. I had a hard time finishing it! It would be nice, though, if you had a mobile version of this. A LOT of people wanted this game in a mobile platform. Are you sure you don't want to port this? I'm an indie game dev myself, and my smarter friends have been bugging me to port this on iOS/Android. Is it okay if we port this game? With most of the credit going to you, of course. Thanks!
>P.S. We really love your game 3

Thank you. I'm sorry I can't simply give you the permission. But I can discuss with you if you want, via email.

>i found your games two months ago. They helped me a lot while i was writing my theses. Every time my brain needed some break from writing or reading i would play your games.
>since i finished both games, i hope your next game will be out soon because i still have 6 weeks for my theses and no way to distract myself.
>help me :)

Thank you for playing my games. 6 weeks is impossible! Though I used to make more than one game per week when I was younger.

>Love Jelly no Puzzle! Thank you :-)

Thank you for playing!


>Wow. My daughter found Jelly No, got me hooked on it. Then I found HanaNo. I've made it to level 14 in JellyNo, but Stuck on Lvl 10. Now I'm stuck on 10 in HanaNo. Is it me, or does 10 have twists in them that I just am not seeing? Thank You for the awesome games. I don't really feel like I'm 'wasting time' playing them. More like a serious brain work-out with catchy tunes to prod me along! :)

Thank you for playing both games! Level 10 in Hanano needs a kind of special techniques that you haven't used before. Level 10 in Jelly is just difficult. It's one of the most difficult levels in the game.

>Awesome game! I hope your able to make more, these are some of the best puzzle games I've played.

Thank you! I'll hope so too!

>Wow, got stuck on level one of hanano and level two of jelly. Then I figured it out, and I intend to persevere. Thanks for the great game!

Thank you!

>Hello, I really love your game.
>I'd like to program some games myself and I wonder what is the programming language that you used to create "Jelly No Puzzle" ?

Thank you for playing. It's written in C++ with Visual Studio.

>I thought, at one time that I was a fairly intelligenr, logical human being... I have finally made it to level 20...waiting to begin, because 19 . Oh, 10, 17 and 19. I actually had to use hints on the first move or two since i was stubbornly chasing the wind sideways on my own. Actually, for levels 11 & 17, the Greatest difficulty was trying to imagine WHICH of the possible configurations of 'get all the fixed jellies together' was the intended one. ThankYOU ever so much

Thank you for playing the game. I also sometimes forget the solution and get stuck on some levels. Levels 10 and 28 stole a lot of time from me.

>Hi & thanks for such an amazing set of puzzles! Level design is truly first rate. Myself and a few friends had loads of fun racing each other to the end of the game.
>Is there a level editor? If not would you mind if I made one? Although I could probably reverse engineer the file format any info you could give on the format etc. would be a big help.
>If you're not looking to make money from the game have you considered making it Open Source?
>Also, if you need a hand porting this to any other platforms then I'm sure I or one of my colleagues would be very happy to help.

Thank you for playing the game. I'm sorry I'd rather not make the level editor or the source available in public, at this point. I just want to leave open several possibilities of utilizing the game.

>Hi, I'm 36 year old, male, from New Zealand. Thank you for making this epic little puzzle game. I thoroughly enjoyed the difficult challenge. Completing every level was a huge accomplishment, I can only imagine the time and effort you've put into, not just the game itself, but also the fine details of each level.
>Very grateful to you for making the game available available free
>If I could make one suggestion, it would be that you accept donations

Thank you for enjoying the game! But I don't receive donations.

>Just finished all 40 levels.
>Do you have plans to add more levels

Thank you for playing the game to the end. For now, I want to move on to the next game.




Thank you!

>Finally cleared 40!
>Some levels had me on the brink of insanity. I think I took the longest for 27, 36 and 39 and I was almost screaming at my screen that they must be impossible.
>The level design is outstanding. It's amazing how the solution is usually hidden far away from where you think it should be when you first look at a level. And then the solution is always very elegant and beautiful and the only one that works. The feeling of achievement you get when you finally complete a hard level is great!
>I also like the music for the most part, especially songs 2, 3, 5 and 8 in the soundtest (though 5 now is a trauma-song for me because of level 36...). Judging from the filesizes I guess it's a tracker-style format?
>This is really the kind of game that should be available on tablets/smartphones, PSN and XBLA. And it needs a level editor.

Thank you for playing the game to the end! I'm glad you seem to have enjoyed the game. I used Pxtone Collage and its library to make and play the music, which has a tracker-style format. If I have a chance, I'd also like to try to make ports for other platforms.

>Hey, I'm a big fan of your games (Hanano kept me up many nights!) and was wondering where you get your ideas for creating puzzles (both the overall concept of the games and the individual levels)? Also do you happen to have some past experience that helps you with your game design (e.g a job or a degree in a similar field) or does it just come naturally to you?

I don't think my ideas are all really new, but I just carefully watch other games and try to find out what makes those games fun. I have a list of many small ideas and try to find good conbinations of them. I know most of my ideas are just garbage, so I always have to carefully examine how fun they are and I always have to have prepared a lot of alternates.

As for how I designed the levels, I think there were mainly two ways. One way is to make an interesting-looking design first and make it hard. The other way is to consider how to trick the player first and make it hard.

I don't know what experience really had an effect on my game design (and I'm still a student), but I just really love games and I found myself losing interest in playing complicated games. So I've been thinking of what kind of games will be one I can really enjoy.

>Try add touch screen supported.
>If you have a Surface Pro or other Tablets you will find it't difficult to right click (keep touching = right click), and it's difficult the screen for enough time.

I'm sorry I'm not planning to immidiately support for touch screen controls at this point. I want to move on to the next game as soon as possible. Thank you for your suggestion anyway.

>I messaged earlier about the savig issue, it was because the folder it was in for some reason was locked in such a way that new files (like save data) couldnt be created. now it works fine.
>Also great puzzles. I just finished completing it all, and it was a very enjoyable challenge

Thank you for playing! That's good to hear.

>I've just finished your game, and it was very very good.
>I just wanted to say thank you for creating it and sharing it with the world.

Thank you!!


(Left: original. Right: modified.)

Deuteranope Simulation via Vischeck.
(Left: original. Right: modified.)

Protanope Simulation via Vischeck.
(Left: original. Right: modified.)

Tritanope Simulation via Vischeck.
(Left: original. Right: modified.)

>hi there. love the game. please put up a paypal donate form on your website so we can contribute to the development! cheers,

I'm reluctant to receive donations. This is my personal feelings, but once I receive some money, I will feel that I have to return for it in some way. But I'm not really sure whether I can continue this activity and make more games in the future or not. Anyway, thank you for your suggestion!


Thank you. OK, ... I'll put here just three levels of the ones I removed from the game because of their difficulties ... Maybe they can be seen as examples of bad level design. I don't recommend. They are just complicated and painful. To play them, just unzip the following file and copy the contents into the data folder. Their file names are 38, 39, and 40, so you can select them in the game, and it would be better to take a backup of the old files before copying.

Download jellyextra.zip

>Saving doesnt seem to work for me...everytime I quit the game, all my progress is erased

Thank you for reporting. Could you check if you have correctly unzipped the files and if the folder is not write protected? Some people had the same problem but they were playing the game without unzipping it.

>Thanks a lot for Jelly! It was really to overcome "that's definitely impossible" first imrpession.
>How many levels are in total? so far I've completed 39 of them an the 40 is displayed with a lock sign.

Thank you for playing the game! 40 in total. Level 40 is supposed to be unlocked when you solve all the levels up to 39. Could you check if all the levels are displayed with a small circle on them?

>Hello , I am a budding Indian mathematician . Congratulations on making such a easy - looking yet brain - draining puzzle . This awesome game has really found its value at our Institution , everybody's trying it . I just wanted to know if there was any algorithm you used , ( and the way you made each solution unique ) . Thanks in advance !

Thank you for playing! I didn't use any algorithm to check the solution. I designed all the levels by hand. Actually some levels have multiple solutions.