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Hanano Puzzle 2 OST!🎼


Hanano Puzzle 2 is now available on itch.io!


Sorry for not updating the page for long.

It's a long story but we are going to release Hanano Puzzle 2 soon.

If you have plenty of time at the end of 2016 and are interested in the beta-testing of the game, try Hanano Puzzle 2 Beta.



Ruby and RMagick help me draw pipes.


Special green bars...


>Does the Android version of Jelly no Puzzle include the removed levels 38-40 from the PC version somehow?

No... They are too complicated so I thought they shouldn't be included even in the Android version.

>Hello, I am a highschool student currently working on my culminating activity for grade 12 and I was wondering what your process was for developing your puzzles. Do you work backwards from the solution to the beginning or do you simply have a beginning and end and work it out yourself? Excited to hear back

In most cases, I first try to come up with the core procedure of the solution that are necessary for solving the level but are not very intuitive at first glance. And then I try to hide it even more by adding several elements to the level. I also remove unnecessary elements as many as possible to make it looking easy.

>do you have plans to make more games?

Yes! I'm currently working on a new game.

>Hello, I have recently discovered Jelly No Puzzle. Was wondering whether to play it on PC or my super-comfortable smartphone, when I noticed a tweet from Braid's author saying the mobile version is of inferior quality. My question is: why not include, without any changes, the original acclaimed levels? This looks a mystery to me.

I think there are some misunderstandings. The Android version includes all the levels from the PC version (though a couple of levels needed a few changes so that some buttons can be placed at the corners of the screen). Besides, the Android version has additional 30 levels. So the things might be opposite. The PC version could be considered to be inferior to the Android version.


Sorry for not writing replies to the messages for so long. It's been more than one year and a half...

>I love the game but just cannot see how to do lev 14 falling stars!
>This is on the android version. Has anyone cracked this? I move3d on and did lev 15 quite quickly but 14 is just impossible!

Hint: Make an upside-down L shape of red jellies and hook it on the black block.

>I completed Hanano Puzzle.
>Great game !


>I love Jelly no Puzzle.
>Have you tried making a mechanic, where you have white blocks that don't need to be combined, but that also temporarily break any bonds of jellies in direct contact to them?
>I have completed the PC game but I haven't completed the Android version yet, so I don't know if something like that is in the game already.
>Take care!

I thought of a couple of rules that break bonds of jellies but I at last didn't use any of them. I thought that separating off jellies would increase the complexity of levels too much.

Thank you!